We have power but WE can’t do it all on our own…

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It is always amazing to me the individuals I come across with the mindset of

“I don’t need you, I don’t need anyone, I can do this all by myself” or

“It was me. No one helped me. I did it on my own”

I do not argue that we have a power within us to overcome all odds if we choose to unleash it. That regardless of the circumstances we face, that we can overcome as long as we have an attitude and faith in our own ability. However, I do not believe that we can do everything on our own. Our struggles, accomplishments, our losses and victories in our battle of life is contributed to and from others.

There is something about an audience

There is something about others encouragement and support that builds us up. That makes us proud and accomplish more. There is power in the collective!

In the video below Budweiser Canada surprises two recreational league hockey teams from Port Credit, Ontario, with professional-league-grade theatrics, including a flock of fans, play-by-play commentary, and other accouterments of a professional game.



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