Calm down… calm down!

2013 01 09 Statistics Big Data: Dont Overreact

There have been many reactions to data…

and articles often (i.e.  BigData in HR: Why it’s Here and What it MeansBig Data in HR: The Opportunity, How BigData Tools Helps HR Understand You - Forbes, on and on) mention how data can help a business with understanding the customers they serve and the engagement of their employees. They’re have also been articles mentioning the need for HR professionals to pay attention, learn and use how data can be used to benefit them.

Don’t get it twisted

but don’t confuse the availability of that data versus the use of that data. It the data, no matter how big, is not used in context with what the business or its employees are facing then it can be confused as a virus when it really is just a symptom of the opportunity/problem you are trying to address. Too many people use data they collect in the wrong way. They use it to reinforce their assumptions rather than take a look at the picture data presents to make decisions for the short term and the long-term.

Use data, don’t abuse it

The key in analyzing data is making the content match the context. Just having people answer questions and then coming up with spreadsheets and graphs to prove your own point should not be a goal, not to mention it can illegal and unethical (dependent on who is reporting and how the data is presented - or just how much of a spotlight you have on you!)



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