Here are a few charts that will put our cost, spending and compensation for healthcare into perspective.


National Healthcare Expenditure (NHE)

Using a conservative annual growth rate of 4% (from Deloitte’s baseline year of 2010), Deloitte suggests the following as our real NHE.

NHEbyDCforHS1 Health Care: Spending & Costs


Out of Pocket Healthcare Cost

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) released this chart to highlight the growth of our largest single component of cost - Average Annual Premiums. This shows our corresponding increase in out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

KFF11 Health Care: Spending & Costs



Assembled by Carnegie Mellon University professor Paul Fischbeck – and reported by Mark Roth of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (December, 2009) – and highlights our Per Capita Healthcare Costs by Age as compared to four other countries (Germany, the U.K., Sweden and Spain).

HCcostsbyAge Health Care: Spending & Costs


Physician Compensation

Here is Medscape’s Physician Compensation Report: 2012 Results.

salaries1 1024x712 Health Care: Spending & Costs




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