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Instructor-Led Learning Engagements

ReThink HR offers solutions and opportunities for your organization to maximize the strategic and tactical thinking of the people within your organization. Strategic Consulting, Motivational Speaking and Instructor-Led Learning Engagements we are focused on providing innovative People Strategies in the areas of Leadership Development, Strategic Networking, Organizational Branding, Succession Planning Development.

We not only partner with you as a client to provide learning and development solutions but also work with you as an executive and front-line leader to implement the talent strategy needed to source, attract, and develop people toward the constant changes and businesses forward.

Sample Presentation (Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce)

Simple Services toward Simple Solutions

Have gaps within your organization that need to be further addressed? Ask for customized solutions

  • Change Management Strategies for the Executive Suite
  • Top Down Change: Steps to prepare your people for a changing business landscape
  • Effective Negotiations
  • Learning and Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Instructor-Led Learning Engagements
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Front-Line Leadership
  • Strategic Networking
  • Organizational Branding
  • Succession Planning and Development
  • Social Media and Tools in Learning and Development
  • Organizational Communication
  • Organizational Development
  • Cross-Functional Engagement
  • Talent Management

Speaking | Training

A professional speaker, I cover the topics of Leadership Development, Learning and Business Metrics, Coaching, Communication, Individual Branding, Translating social media use toward effective business strategy, branding, and people strategy.

I have been brought in to speak to large corporate groups and teams, private organizations and events, as well as human resources and participated in client conferences. Core services and expertise lie within instructor-led engagements and training workshops for many corporate clients - small and privately held, to Fortune 500.

Sample Speaking Topics

  • Coaching for Performance
  • Coaching: Employee to Employee
  • Using Business metrics to build Human Performance
  • Developing Metrics for Training
  • Effective Business Metrics
  • Step by Step - Creating your business brand
  • Effectively Story Telling for Business
  • Building Leadership Development from Scratch
  • How to network like your not looking for a job
  • netWORKing: a critical part of successful job search
  • “Burn Your Boats”
  • “We’re Just Not That Into You”, Steps for follow-up in your job search
  • When “NO” seems like it’s Always the Answer
  • Interpersonal Communication and Tools
  • “Why you should not be a statistic”
  • Approaches to training in a tough economy
  • Future of Learning
  • Maximizing Your Networking Efforts With LinkedIn
  • Social Media for Business: How it matters for your Business
  • Building Succession Efforts to Maximize Efforts
  • Personal Branding Personal and Professional Success
  • Approaches to building an Employer and Individual Brand
  • Using Social Media In Learning
  • Succession Planning for Success

Presentations can be selected from stock offerings or customized for a keynote presentation, audience seminar or small/large group workshop for your organization ranging from 1 hour to full day workshops. To book me to speak at your event or deliver training view feel free to contact me.

Speaking Dates | Events


You have needs. Those needs can often be simple or special dependent on your unique situation. Offerings include individual and group coaching (face to face and/or distance), training, speaking, organizational assessment (tools and observation techniques to identify top leadership and skill/knowledge gaps in the organization), or combinations of these services.

If you have a need to build up your people and your organization, feel free to make contact to discuss your needs and rates or call 513-278-7353.