So I was a guest on this little show DriveThruHR maybe you’ve heard of it or maybe not. Either way, it takes place every day from 12pm - 12:30 EST. Discussing anything related to the Human Resources industry. From benefits to compensation and management,etc. Well he realized that not once in his (Bryan Wempen) whole archive of show (60 +) had he ever talked about Learning and Development, Training or OD. Personally I think we mention Training but never really give it the depth it deserves.

So this is my 30 minute spot. We focused on some background of where the business has been within Training and Development. We then moved on to focus on the un-conference and it’s place in providing value to the business and personal development.

We plan on doing a series, breaking down the overwhelming topic more over the upcoming weeks. Look out for it in the coming weeks.

A promo begins and then its the show. I think the best part is the music icon smile Future of Learning on @DriveThruHR

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Let me or him know what you think. Good or bad, adjustment is always good.



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