Being someone who has specialized in the field of Learning and Development much of my career I have always tried to be aware of various approaches, techniques, and technologies to help enhance and advance the learning experience. When “E-Learning” became the big trend to go towards in training and development I was leery. Over the years my suspicions have been proven when most people, practitioners and companies turned the big craze of E-Learning into an overblown PowerPoint or conference call.

But the advance in technologies and the idea of “Digital Natives” (being anyone born after 1990 and most of the life has been immersed in mobile technologies) there is true potential in the power of these technologies for actual learning. I tend to see that my colleagues, associations, and consultants are going to be in for a rude awakening when the audience that has traditionally attended ILTs (instructor lead training ‘s) begin to disappear and the demand for new and more dynamic ways of learning are… well… demanded!

I just hope that I can help others, as well as myself keep up! What do you think? I will be press at the ASTD International Conference in Orlando so feel free to connect on twitter: @BenjaminMcCall, Subscribe to this blog or talk while you are there!

So are you ready for the transition? Let’s


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