Yeaaah/Booooo the Health care Bill has passed… Now what?

While the ink on bill H.R. 3962, “the Affordable Health Care for America Act” has yet to completely dry and the fact that there may still be some changes (due to rants, raves, agreements and disagreements), many questions are evident for employers (small and large) and the average person. So in thinking about this, I decided to do a search of current information that lists the potential impact this bill may have on both the employee and the employer. Enjoy and as I find more I will add to the list.

Read the House bill (PDF)

You might also want to check out just to review anything and everything on the political claims to separate the crap from the gravy.
Employer Resources:
Connecticut Employment Law Blog - What Passage of the Health Care Bill Means for Employers
NY Times, What Obama’s New Health Care Plan Means for Small Businesses

Employee Resources:
Washington Post, What the health bill means for you

Entrepreneur Resources:
What the New Health Bill Means For Entrepreneurs

General Perspectives (Publica, etc.):
What Health Care Reform Means For: Small Businesses
CNN - Health Care Bill Would Force Employers to Provide Coverage or Pay a Fee (while this is a CNN news article, I found it on SHRM’s site under the listed title)

If you happen to come across good resources that will help employers and employees understand the outcomes of the bill - please feel free to send them to so they can be posted.



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