Make my crap your treasure

For the past two days we have been outside. Neighbors, people from other localities and anyone who read an add came buy our home. This weekend our street had a neighborhood yard sale. People came by offering nickels and dimes and other small bills from the things we no longer want. I am happy to say that most of the ‘stuff’ we were able to get rid of. However, today is Sunday and we have some things left over.

Cleaning House

Before the culmination of the last two days there had to be decisions on what was valuable and what others would want. What could be kept and thrown away. That process took weeks. Yet, starting to go through the junk for a simple garage sale wasn’t so simple. At the same time it allowed me to find other things. Clean out parts of the house and garage that needed to be cleaned.

Spring Cleaning

To compare this to work is very easy. Maybe there are some things in your office, at your work station that you need to remove, box up or maybe give to a co-worker that could really use it.

For those that are “location-neutral,” working out of your home, remotely, traveling to and from - from city to city or driving your car from appointment to appointment - maybe you could stand to get rid of some things that no longer belong or add value to your space.

Letting it go

letting go by admitchell08 Spring CleaningIt will be hard to get rid of some things. Especially if what you hold in your hand, when trying to make a decision, has been with you for a few years or more. That planted geranium that you bought and placed in the corner when you first started. The old picture of your anniversary and employee of the month certificate. Maybe it is a desk calendar that holds the writing of some important project or  number (while the date is from 3 years ago or older). Regardless maybe it is time for you to clean it all out, make a decision on what you need to keep and what needs to go.

Not always easy

When I was laid off from my last job, I knew a year out that it would possibly happen. I could see the affect of the economy on the business. I saw my budget and P&L lines decrease slowly. I prepared. But even though I knew and had time, it was still not easy to decide between what I would put in a box to take with me or what I could leave.

Start off the week with some Spring Cleaning

Monday, when you get back to your space and begin the week, take about an hour to do some spring cleaning.

Are you doing anything now to clean house? How will you put things in order?



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