You hear a lot about personal and corporate brands.

How to build them. Steps to address and repair them.

There are many approaches and you can break it down and break it down into the minute and detailed steps. However, I have come to a conclusion that there is essentially only one thing you need to build a brand…

For your company. For yourself.

My opinion for building a Personal Brand is very simple…

The #1 Step to building your Personal Brand =

personalbranding2 The 1 Step Personal BrandBE… YOUR…. SELF

That is all.

That’s it. Not that difficult. Not world changing… or maybe it is.

We are so caught up with steps that we fail to see the simplicity. Whether your brand becomes great or essentially shows the horribility (is that a word, um nope) you truly are… the only thing to be, is yourself.
At least you and everyone else knows what they get.

Think about this when you work or are in your job search. As you walk through your company doors. Think about this when sitting in your department and dealing directly with the people you interact.Think about it when walking into an elevator and you see someone running towards it. Think about being yourself when you give a salutation or negative remark on a Monday, Friday or at the park.

You can be you or you can be someone else.

I don’t know how to be anyone but myself. To be someone else is not as cool as being me!

Am I making it to simple or is this basically it? Please tell me what you think icon smile The 1 Step Personal Brand

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