On July 21, 2010 I was lucky once again to be a guest on DriveThruHR, a show that takes place Monday through Friday from 12pm - 12:30 EST, discussing anything related to the Human Resources industry. Lately we have been discussing training, OD and even leadership.

Bryan asked the question: “Leadership Development buzz words or business critical?” I believe it is business critical. However, many times we are just audience watching Leadership, rather than create actions that prove leadership. Listen in on my own thoughts.

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Some points that were discussed:

  • First you must define ‘Leadership’ for your own organization.
  • There are various ways that people talk about leadership.
  • Leadership is a drive to ‘become better’ and/or a drive to ‘be the best.’
  • Leadership is a mindset and a way you deal with people.
  • There are levels of leadership. Within the culture and the individual.
  • Leadership programs are not necessarily for every facet of your organization.

Any thoughts or added parts to share? Not sure if we truly answered the question, since leadership is a moving target, but we can always scratch…



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