get out of job jail free Why I would not change the fact I was laid off?of course I would rather it not have happened. If I had it my way I’d be a Billionaire so freaking bad! Hanging out with Buffet, Jay-Z and GaGa

But regardless if I hadn’t been:

  • I would have never started writing again
  • I would not have started this blog (feel free to subscribe).
  • I would never have had the small window of opportunity to spend so much time with my son. I have seen so many amazing things
  • I would not have connected to the degree that I have… with all of you on twitter, facebook, linkedin, bloggers, etc.
  • I would not have actually met and come face to face with all of you on twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc.
  • I would not have had a chance to speak at Ignite Cincinnati, JSFG, Great Oaks, or even potentially TEDx
  • I would not have been able to work out as much, or get so much better at golf (i am a frugal golfer!)
  • I would not have been able to spend more time with my family,
  • I would not have realized that even with almost zero salary, with planning, frugalness, and a strong wife that we would still be fine
  • I would have never went to the wood chip dump to pick up a truck load of wood chips, for free, and finally do the yard
  • and I would not have such a cool… well I’ll tell you tomorrow!
  • and so on and so on!



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