Not a typical ReThinkHR post… but this is a serious topic. People are getting out of hand. They are ignoring their hands. I mean seriously, they are not washing their hands…

wash your hands Important PSA: Wash your hands!People don’t typically discuss this topic but this is a topic that is very important.
I can’t speak for the ladies but I can speak for guys that may not want to admit it in front of anyone else. Yeah, I am laying it out there!
There are plenty of guys that use the bathroom but don’t use the sink.
They do their business, use the toilet and/or the urinal…
but do not bother to use the sink!
Here’s how it goes down:
1. Guy walks in. (not into a bar - ha ha - ba da dum)
2. Heads to the stall.
3. Does his business.
4. Walks out and closes the stall.
and get this
he either
5. Walks up to sink and does a 1-second rinse and shake of the hands in the sink or
5.5. He walks directly out of the bathroom, without doing either.

I know you have heard or witnessed it. And yes ladies, I have heard from my lady friends that women can be even worse.

Guys wash your hands and spend some time on doing so.
I say “your” hands because I am OCD when it comes to hygiene and washing hands. So when I shake someones hand I don’t want to have to worry about where it has been.

Washing your hands is important!
How many people do you come into contact with daily?
Think about it like this… out of of all those people in business, the ones you have meetings with and go out to LUNCH with…
How many people do you shake hands with?

Imagine even closer contact with said person(s)?

Wash your hands! Think about this the next time you are shaking someone’s hand… did they do number 1 or number 2.
Eeeewwwwww… I know that was un-needed but necessary!

Have you witnessed events like this? Have you ever called anyone out?

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