The long periods of drought

Here in Ohio we have seen a record heat for the summer. This heat has brought with it long periods with no rain. The implication is that my grass is not so green. In fact it is dry and short. Brown spots are all over my yard with a few green patches here and there. The neighbors are also experiencing the same thing. Water hoses go off every once in awhile but not often enough. While I’m happy that these periods of mild drought have kept me out of the heat and mowing the lawn (all welcome I might add) it doesn’t make the lawn look any better. Well there is that one guy that has the automatic sprinklers… his yard is green and pristine! Jerk…

Tuesday night, on the way home from work, there was a short period of rain. It was really more of a drizzle. About 10 minutes worth of small drops. Showers that as quickly as they begin, stopped. Very meloncholoy feeling. It wasn’t enough. While I enjoyed it for a moment, this was not enough to water my lawn. Not enough to make the grass any less dry. Not enough for my neighbors. Except for that one guy. Jerk!

hes gonna make it rain for days When a little rain is not enough: Rain and the UnemployedIs there a point to the ‘drizzle’

This short period of sprinkles made me feel the following:
“What’s the point of the 10 minutes of rain when it has no affect on my yard”

Like many scenerios this short period of rain made me analogize it to the current job market and those seeking the jobs that are few and far between! You see, when you are looking you get little sprinkles here and there. Calls for initial interviews and call backs. Some may be short discussions and others may be a little longer. The best feeling is when you get those green patches. There is some traction and growth in the search. You feel you are getting closer to actually gaining the green, not only in salary but also growth for the future. But until you are selected… until you obtain that job after a long drought, those drizzles will not be enough. It sometimes makes you feel as if “what’s the point of that little bit of rain, it doesn’t last?”

The grass is always greener

Oh and then there’s that one guy. The jerk down the block where there yard just doesn’t seem affected by the dry weather. They are ok. They have a job. Everything is good. There grass is greener from your “other-side” view. You may love them. You may hate them. You may envy them, but regardless your yard is not going through the same situation. It’s not that he is a Jerk. It’s just that we all want what he has. A nice yard in a land of dry spots.

Despite the opinions, most of us want to have work

The HR Examiner had a recent article on Structural Unemployment in HR. How, just as any other industry is facing needs in updated technical skill and knowledge so is HR. Regardless of or professional focus, unemployment is not cool!  You don’t have to have a traditional job, you just want work to help you make money. I really don’t care what anyone has to say like reports from Wall Street Journal that some firms still struggle to fill jobs despite high unemployment or those of representative John Linder beliefs that unemployment benefits keep people from looking for work. While this may be true for some, there are a vast majority of people that cannot afford to “keep from looking.” I am happy I am no longer in a dry spot as far as work. But many people still are. I am sure there is someone that is thinking, not in a negative way, that I am a lucky jerk. I understand. It doesn’t rain for all of us at the same time. But it will rain for everyone at one time or another.

Like many of the other times it has rained over the last two months, that rain Tuesday was short. But it was rain. No matter how short or long. It was rain! While your yard may not have benefited from it, there are others yards that have.



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