tumblr lb2452YLte1qzpwi0o1 400 I Know Everyone Hates HR, but Don’t Hate on Human ResourcesI did an interview recently for a major publication. They pretty much asked me to dump on HR. It wasn’t as if they had a thing against HR. It was just simply a story of the behind the scenes of HR: For job seekers, for the business and internal candidates. While I don’t believe in being negative to any area, I am a pretty harsh critique. The reason I can be such a harsh critique is because I am just as much a staunch supporter!

I believe in and love what I do. No matter how hard or annoying things may get, I am passionate about the bad just as well as the good.

I think that in the current business climate people attack what they do not understand. Many people barely know anything about HR. It is also funny that we allow others to put the profession down. I think we not only need to help people understand what we do and how strong of a proponent we are, for the job-seeker (the right talent) and a company; but we also need to stop bringing ourselves down.

Case in point: People need to get out of the way of our great progress… HR needs to get out of it’s own way and be a cheerleader for our own success!

Haters’ to the left indeed!

Do you think we are to hard on ourselves?

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