How often do we say thank you? To anyone and just pause….

Listening for a response instead of a chance for us to give an answer.

How often do we say thank you without any expectation of a reply.


This type of Thank You is becoming extinct. I don’t know about you, but so I often I walk down the street, out with friends and family, or at work heading down a hall and say hello. No answer or response.

We say things to each other just so we won’t be considered rude.

How often do we just tell someone “Thank You” for the work that they do? “Thank You” for the support that they give? Just a “Thank You” For the people they are?

Not often enough.

Well, I am thankful.

I am thankful for the opportunity to write and for those who actually come by and see what crazy things I have to say.

I am thankful for those who care!

I am thankful for my family, my son and that he can be the happy little boy he has become. That he has no idea or no care for the petty things we all worry about on a daily basis.

I am happy for my job, my co-workers and the comapany I work for. I am happy that they are genuinely good and happy people. Which makes my time away from home that much better and easier.

I am thankful that I don’t have to look at my account every week to be sure that nothing is wrong or the bills won’t be paid.

Show And Express Gratitude ThePerfectDesign 300x276 Its not just one day. Its everyday. What are you thankful for?I am thanksful that I have a choice in the things I do and what I read and the opinions I express. So many people in this world are not as blessed (we should remember that when we cry about be scanned in a TSA or held up at the airport for 10 minutes waiting).

I am thanksful for my health, my health insurance and benefits.

I am thankful for wordpress and it’s scheduling ability and for RSS readers so that you don’t have to read this on nor do I have to send this out on Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for what family, friends and other small successes and failures that God has allowed me to have.

Happy Thanksgiving



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