“Always ask questions of others, find the answers for yourself!”

Bullet brushed.jpg6c9dd3a4 d711 4ce6 a9cc 26c5b2a0c69d.jpgLarge Silver Bullet   Who should you look to for Answers?Often we ask for advice. Seek out ways and new approaches. Look for best practices. We do this because we lack experience, are searching for an alternative, have not found a better, quick or more cost effective way…. etc.

Regardless of your reason, it is good to do this. We search for the DNA in other peoples success. Try to find out how an individual or a company performs time and time again. We learn from others mistakes. 

There is no easy answer

Often we search so hard for a “silver bullet” that we don’t realize that there isn’t one. However, we constantly ask others for the answers to get us to some magic solution. At times we repeat this process annually (even in the form of resolutions).

But if we constantly ask others for the answer, then can we ever expect to come up with answers for ourselves?

We cannot expect another individuals success to fit like a puzzle piece neatly into our own problems, no matter how attractive they may be. There are times you have to find the answers for yourself. There are times you will, whether you like it or not, have to spend time with failure before you can live with success!

How do you answer your own questions?

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