…for a living. We are meant to LIVE for a living!

We are not meant to drive business metrics. To deliver on a mission or vision. We are not meant to clock in at 8am and leave at god knows what time or to allow the faults, frustrations and worries of the day dwell in our minds when picking up our kids or spending time with those that are important to us.

Your jobs may be important to the day to day but your job is NOT the reason you are here.

What we were meant to do…

We were put on this earth to affect other peoples lives. Our sole purpose is to build, cultivate, commune and love each other!

YOU are the reason you are here! WE are the reason we are here!

Don’t forget that. Life may get you down but don’t allow that small time of frustration and meaningless moment of nothing get in the way of doing for others.

We were meant to love each other!

The following is a short film from Matt Morris’s  Mr. Happy Man which tells the story of 88-year-old Johnny Barnes, a Hamilton, Bermuda native who spends six hours every day, “come rain or shine,” standing at a local intersection telling drivers he loves them. And oh how they do love him back!

Click on this Mr. Happy Man link to see the video from Matt Morris Films on Vimeo.



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