The Question…


Pinterest Logo 2 Pinterest the greatest tool ever!?

The greatest tool ever! or The greatest tool ever?

One thing you do have right is that Pinterest IS a tool! But is it the best tool? It all depends.

This hype begins whenever another new device, platform, or shiny widget comes along. In social media we have been hearing about every new platform and tool regularly.

I have been seeing many posts and articles touting the potential power of @Pinterest. I myself am a user. Yet all it has, like other tools, is potential. That is until it no longer has potential and a new tool takes its place. I find it even more unsettling that the rumbling is beginning to shuffle and tout this tool as the new “it” social platform for recruiting, etc.

I question this, but only time will tell. I never mind being proven wrong especially when it is positive for everyone involved!

NEVER focus on the TOOL. ALWAYS focus on the CONCEPT!

Remember to never depend on a social platform. Only use it as a tool. It is the concept of connecting and seeking ideas that you should depend on!

Just like any tool you get, it’s about what you put in. Pinterest is no better a resource than you are.



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