Too often I have seen managers and executives cop out on how they measure and decide on how their employees are performing. Too often the decision made by managers when they give employee evaluations, have one on ones, and face difficult confrontations is faulty.

Faulty why? Because they, we, by human nature, somehow believe that when someone does not perform or is seen as ineffective in their role that we did everything right and they did much wrong.

We feel we give adequate instruction. That the direction we lay out is clear. However, more often it is not.

Meetings gone wrong

I have been in meetings that have been less about decision making and clarifying who will be responsible for action and far more around a brainstorm of talk that, by the end of that meeting, people leave without any clear direction or focused idea on who is to do what.

Ever felt this way: “Ok, so I still have no idea what I am supposed to do and even more so why was I even involved in that meeting? I’ll just go back to my desk and do the work that I was doing.”

My advice: Make a list-

Make a list of specific actions that you would like accomplished for your employees. But they’re adults you say. I hired them to do the job and I am no babysitter you say. And I agree. We are not meant to be babysitters.

But if you are the type of boss that has a meeting with one agenda item to complete and then after the meeting your employees leave the meeting with a brain fart of tasks that they did not expect nor did you provide any specific direction, expectation or guidance on what is to be done… then you don’t need to babysit, what you need to do is give them a picture of what is expected.

Clear expectations will be a better predictor with a possible result in higher performance!

Your thoughts?



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