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Managers & Leaders: Admit when you’re wrong!

There’s a fine line between believing you are right and whether it is true or fact!

Learn the difference!

177518.strip.print Managers & Leaders: Admit when youre wrong!

The #1 Question All Managers Should Ask?

me boss you not mug p1682195138185511992opcc 400 The #1 Question All Managers Should Ask?

If you are a manager, leader of people, find yourself guiding the performance of anyone…

The Number 1 question you should ask yourself…

“Would I want to be managed… by me?”


So… would you? Let’s discuss.

You’re title is ‘BOSS’ not ‘JERK’

Are you the jerk boss in the office?

You may be a boss or even senior to many employees. However this does not mean that you own anyone.

It also doesn’t give you license to be an A#[email protected](*. You are a manager for a reason. That reason does not include:

  • being intimidating
  • the right to be power hungry
  • being a micro-manager to everyone
  • taking credit for other peoples success
  • making people do more work then is needed
  • playing favorites
  • telling innapropriate jokes
  • creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation
  • hiring people you like versus those that are better suited to perform at the job
  • being a jerk

You set an example

I know it happens but that doesn’t give you the right to be that bad boss.

Being a manager, supervisor or someone who is senior to to employees means you are being given the trust to help guide employees in the right direction. Helping them to understanding their roles within a department, and help to improve and increase their level of performance.

Remember: Management is not your job, it is only another tool that you hold within your job to get things done.

Stop being a jerk and start by adjusting your attitude!

Have you been one of “those” manager’s that has needed your own attitude adjusted? Have you had a manager that needed to check the way they deal with their people? Tell me your story!


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