Ways to increase your pay Compensation, Pay Raises and Becoming a CEOTreatment versus Perception

I got sucked into a conversation. It was around an associates belief that ‘companies’ don’t treat people well. This kind of made me think and wonder. Wonder because it came out of the blue. It also made me wonder because it was such a broad and sweeping statement with no real specifics. Being a representative of OE and HR I treaded lightly. I swallowed and asked “Why do you feel that way?” Fearfully waiting for the answer and trying not to rebut or question their response.

The Statement

I haven’t received a raise in over 3 yrs.They started to go on a little deeper into the subject. Knowing we were in public and others could view the conversation differently I made the comment “Let’s get into the details a little later.” Another person came in and said, “Only 3 in 8 years… and why am I still there…?”

That is a good question. I thought “Then why are you still there? If you don’t like the way you are “being treated” in the form of compensation and what you view as an adequate increase and/or wage, then you should leave right?” But of course I didn’t say anything. After that last comment no one went any further.

The reality about compensation for the now

No one wants to question or complain too much to their supervisors because they know there is nothing much to be done. There is also that fear and thought “I better be thankful for a job.” Which has never been a thought I have agreed with for other reasons outside of the compensation debate.

Of course you can ask for a raise and do it in a way that you may receive it (“10 Tips for getting a raise in a recession” CNN.com). I am all for cost of living wages. Especially if a company is doing well regardless of economic times. I am all for performance based pay. Even more selfishly (in the galactic playground of insanity that is my mind) I’m for a raise in any case because we all would like more money whether or not we deserve it, performance based or otherwise. However, I am also a realist. No matter how much we would like to have a raise, the reality is that not all of us will get one.

Just realize that you can leave if you don’t like it. You could also find yourself at a new company with a not so new situation: No increases.

I am about to seem harsh

Yes you may feel like you are not treated well by a company because you have not received a raise. You have the right to that opinion. The real question is: Are you being treated badly because you haven’t received a raise?

Here’s the thing, many people have not received increases, This is sad. However, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Get over yourself. If you don’t like this, look elsewhere… or become a CEO. Good luck either way!

How do you feel about this subject?

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in compensation. I would love to receive raises every year and feel that many people do deserve them. Then again, you have to make sense of your perceptions about treatment, your own contribution, and the realities of the market. Just feeling like you are OWED a raise, is not the same as EARNING/DESERVING as raise.