2013 01 30 New Job Why Be Happy You Have A Job is a horrible excuse!

While the scenerio depicted above may seem to be a prime situation, it is often just the opposite.

This leads me to the statement “Be Happy That You Have A Job.” A nice thought? However, it is a horrible excuse for managers and colleagues to use when there are legitimate complaints and/or frustrations around current practices, processes, workload or culture within an organization.

And while not everyone may agree, in my mind, it’s even a less acceptable excuse for anyone who is without a position they would rather have or a job at all to use when referring to those who do.

All the “Be Happy That You Have A Job” statement does is become an excuse to not be honest about the realities of career stagnation, unemployment and a culture to keep people from discussing the root cause of a bad organization or a lag in responses from employers.

I know it is hard but don’t let the perceived happiness you think you may desire get in the way of what you should truly be searching for.

The grass may be greener on the other side, but if you watered your own maybe the perception would change!