Every once in awhile we question who we are. What we say. Take a moment to think before we step inside an office to address a group of individuals that we believe are superior to us.

Regardless of age, work environment, culture or geographical location, we all have this self-conscious feeling. This ubiquitous sensation that goes on in our minds.

For me - I go blank. In the moments before a speaking engagement, talk or workshop that I present, I go blank and sometimes numb in my left leg. Always the left leg.

As I get ready to step up and speak my mind on the topic that I have spent hours and sometimes days to perfect, understand and prepare for…

I go blank!

However, after the first few moments, when I realize that the audience is not there to kill, boo, or destroy every word I am about to say; I gain my footing. I gain back what I had always had before I arrived at the front of that audience… i gain back my ground. I gain back my confidence. I take a deep breathe and go on as easily as I pictured I would in my mind.

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”  Benjamin Spock

There are times when, no matter how you feel, battered or bruised your self-esteem may be… you still have to go on with life. You have to keep going and not give up.

tumblr l35s9b0Ym21qzpwi0o1 400 Friday Thought: Never Give UpI always have to question myself afterward for feeling the way I do… Is it the audience that takes my confidence, or is it me? Makes you think about who really holds the power over you.

Have you ever felt this way? Ever felt less than when others try to break your will? When others believe in you and believe you are hot stuff, but you don’t believe it yourself? Share… won’t you!



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