A few weeks back I had an article reminding that while you work hard, be sure to take your vacation. Too many people forget or find it hard to do so. Well I never forget and try to get that time away as much as I am able. With that in mind, last week I was on vacation and even though I’m back, I would rather be on the beach. However, I am back in the rainy weather.

If you do happen to hit the sun and sand this summer, be sure to bring a pillow! If you can’t bring a pillow then make one.

Don’t know how, well watch this video and learn from the master in a few easy steps. You can make your own and be glad that you did.

Make a sand pillow (important for business, I know - 1 minute, 30 secs)

A big thank you to my guest bloggers last week. If you missed reading, please feel free to check them out.

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