This past week I watched Disney/Pixar’s movie - UP. If you have not seen it then you are missing a telling tale of what it means to come to what you think is the apex of your life, only to find out you have more life to live and more life to give.

It made me think to a few years back when I came across a short video called “The Key to Happiness.” It is only a 2 1/2 minute animation but it tells so much of the work of one life and all it did to get to one moment of true happiness. I am very much into inspirational media and at around 2 minutes and 17 seconds into it is where this video holds its depth.

“Key to Happiness” (Click to View Video)

My Point: What are you working towards?

There are many of us that are driven. Driven to do… “things“. For some, these things would be to build buildings or plant memories. For others, they are driven to build a career and maybe even uplift people. At times these things that we build are mediocre things. Other times they can be extraordinary.

Many of us spend our whole lives searching, searching for the right friendships or relationships. We look for the best neighborhoods, the right car… the perfect job. It’s as if there is this black, bottomless whole we are constantly trying to fill. As if we need THINGS to complete us. As if they can somehow make us feel whole. But how many work their whole lives toward one passion; toward one thing that will truly make us whole?

The question I would like to ask to you:

  • What is your drive?
  • What are you willing to do, as an individual, to achieve your “things
  • What is the drive within you to reach that which is extraordinary, not necessarily in another persons eyes, but within your own?
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