… is if you internalize what you have learned

… you evaluate what you have learned

… you act on what you have learned

… you implement what you have learned

and ultimately

… when you share what you have learned.

How fresh is your thinking? Have you learned something new?

If I can say it in another way

We take part in seminars, workshops, activities, leadership development, team-building (yeah team-building, I said it) and conversations, etc, etc to engage our thinking and drive the conversation with others to do more, learn more and act on the challenges and changes we face.

Without an approach like this, all you become is stagnant. And that’s just pond water! I don’t think you want to be like pond water do you?

One thing I will be ACTing on is my attendance to HREvolution 2010 (May 7 - 8, 2010)!   Looking forward to stretching my own thinking and meeting a lot of (i hope  ) great people (Follow others attendees on Twitter). What are you afraid of? Join the conversation.

Do you want to join the Evolution of HR then click below to get started:

If you are attending then tell me why? If you don’t want to attend then share what you are doing to challenge your thinking?


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