It all starts with “having the guts”

So on Wednesday, June 30th I presented at Ignite Cincinnati (facebook group). It stemmed from a topic sparked from my blog post on Don’t Be A Statistic and ended up getting remixed on ppt slides. It was nerve racking, heart racing, but all good fun. The presentations were humorous with touches of passion and personal drive from each individual that spoke on their topic. The cool thing is that they live streamed the video on UStream. I have included it within this post.

The set up

Each presenter chooses a topic and has 5 minutes with 20 slides that automatically progress after 15 seconds!

The feelings you have

This is the way I felt: rushed, ideas racing through my head, shaky, illiterate, alive. When I watch myself I wonder “can I talk any faster”

Always Be Closing!

None of the presenters really knew the line up. So when I found out I was the one to close the show for the night I was even more nervous. I have no shame in admitting it. I mean how do you close a night of gut-wrenching, humorous and insightful presentations.

Watch carefully, I’m having a heart attack on stage icon smile The Fear of five minutes and an audience: Ignite Cincinnati

They will be putting each individual presentation on YouTube some time in the future. But until then you can watch the whole show right here! The Slides and the entire show is below. If you are impatient and want to see me at the end, fast forward to about 1 hr, 24 minutes and zero seconds (01:24:00) into the show. I would not necessarily use this as an example of my best speaking style, the set-up is difficult enough, but I would use it as an example of how I like to keep things fun while adding a little bit of a message!

I was so appreciative to be selected and even more appreciative that I got through it, shaky, but alive!

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So how do you think I did? Remember it’s about fun!



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