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In the July 4th, 2010 issue of the Cincinnati Enquirer (@enquirer) by Jame Spilcher discussing the upturn in the economy and stating that as it improves, key workers will begin to leave companies and these companies need to start paying attention. Every month thousands of jobs are eliminated. As of April 2010, 15.3 million people are out of work (reports only based off unemployment claims). While I have seen more positions being posted and sent out through networks, more potential lay-offs by companies are still being reported due to lack in business, reorganization, etc. Companies are making short term cuts to deal with the short term issues. But what is really happening? Business is making these cuts to survive, however are they making right decisions in order to thrive?

I have always asked, what happens when the downturn starts going back up? Where will you as a business be? Are you surviving or trying to sustain and thrive when it gets better?

When you get laid off, it’s not a pink slip it’s a blank page - from Lemonade, the documentary

Lemons and Lemonade

The people that are hurt the most are those displaced, eliminated and laid off. However, the people that have the greatest power are those displaced, eliminated and laid off. It is when these situations give you lemons that you have a decision to make. This is one time where you have the rare chance to start over. Where the opportunity is to create, engage, and re-engage in the things you forgot about. The things you loved.

“You don’t have to change your job to change your life.
You can just incorporate more of what you love into your everyday…
and it makes the biggest difference in the world.”

The following is short snippet of a documentary about those who were dealt lemons and began to decide, not if they would make lemonade, but what KIND of lemonade they would make! You can see the entire documentary by following the link which is 41 minutes. I recommend that you watch at least the first few minutes.

(RSS feeds Click to view entire documentary)

(RSS Feeds click to view entire documentary)

You don’t have to stop working a job. You don’t have to quit looking for a salary. But what you need to do is start living a life that you can be proud of!”

Does this speak to you?

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