There are stories that inspire

I am a sucker for inspiration for those who may have had tough times and somehow keep their attitude positive and outlook in the right direction. I was inspired on Tuesday while watching the story of Ted Williams, a homeless and past voice personality that battled with alcoholism and drugs. 2 years clean he was pan handling in Columbus, OH near an off ramp of interstate 71 when a Columbus Dispatch reporter did a story and it was soon posted on Tuesday. So inspired, I planned a post for my typical Wednesday Hump Day Humor and changed it to Hump Day Inspiration. The thing with Ted was not as much his powerful and crisp voice. It was more his attitude and sincere story. I was especially moved in his easy admission of his circumstances. Now I am sure you will see many post today about Ted. He is even surprised.

“This has been totally, totally amazing,” Williams said in a phone interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday, his voice choking with emotion. “I’m just so thankful. God has blessed me so deeply. I’m getting a second chance. Amazing.”

So humble when asked “what are you looking to get out of this?” His reply on a radio program Wednesday, “I would be happy with a job that pays 18,000 a year and my own place to cook meals…”

Simple needs. A short list of the jobs he has been offered:

  • 2 yr contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers with pay for his mortgage/living expenses.
  • Voice work with Inside Edition.
  • MTV. ESPN.
  • The National Football League.
  • West coast talent agents, voice coaches and syndicated talk shows.
  • A voiceover gig with Central Ohio Chapter of the Credit Union League of Ohio worth up to $10,000.

The 53-year-old Williams is scheduled to appear today, Thursday, on NBC’s “Today” show.

What makes Ted Williams second chance so different from anyone else?

With so many individuals having a tough time, what made Ted become such an overnight cause. To me there were four things that made his story so unique, inspiring and viral.

  1. It was, truly, unintended. While his place on the side of the interstate was no accident, the story from the Columbus Dispatch reporter was. No one expected this to take hold like it did. But it did!
  2. He has a story that grabs you. As soon as he started to talk about his situation growing up in New York, you could tell he was passionate about the work he was wanting to do. 
  3. He was sincere and honest about his situation.While no story is a pass to get a job or receive sympathy from everyone, you admire his honesty.
  4. He has the Talent. There is no doubt that once Ted Williams starts to speak that he can stop people in their tracks. A true voice for any brand or product. Regardless of what he has been through he still has talent.

Not everyone can be so lucky. There will be many that will also start to take advantage of his situation. I hope he can sustain. We can’t all think that we can hold a sign, a video will be taken and within 24 hours, success show itself on a golden platter. For Ted it was a 10 year battle to get to this moment of high demand. However, it goes to show that you never know how your attitude, your story or your reaction to people can either inspire or land you in the places you find yourself in.

So tell me, is your story inspiring?




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