110207.callimportant Customer Focus   Do you know who your customer is?

The main issue within the traditional approach to Human Resources and Training is that we treat our customers in a transactional way. When asked to deliver, we deliver and then we are often done. It is on to the next person or program. What is given is often not what should be delivered but what people strong arm you into delivering. This approach has no long term value. Often it is seen as a short term fix.

How we treat others that interact with our role, how we deliver our product (and we do have a product and a service), and the “how” we deliver is just as important to our internal customers as it is with the talent and customers you deal with outside of the organization. Yes, you deal with benefits, compensation, talent management, RPO’s, executive and organizational strategy, Dodd Frank, etc, etc… but if you do not understand what you have to offer to a customer and what that customer has as a particular expectation, then you will often never meet the need nor their expectations.

We all have a customer. You just have to realize and understand who that customer is.

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