tumblr lgaywcS1ID1qzpwi0o1 500 We all make mistakes. Question is, what do YOU do as a result

I think by now everyone saw or heard about the Christina Aguilera mistake at Superbowl 45. If you didn’t then I have included it below. We all make mistakes. We all fail. Point is, who decides which mistakes have more weight.  We all get up in front of a training class, our employees, and our friends and say something we didn’t mean to say. We take actions that don’t always represent out intent. And that is the main point. The meaning behind what we do and how we do it, is in the intent of our words and our actions.

Like Christina we have made mistakes. Now unlike her, not all of us have done it with the world watching. While many are appalled I am empathetic. I like to sing and when I do, even if it is something I have practiced and know through and through, I have messed up the words.

Next time someone makes a mistake, no matter how big or small… give them some room to grow. We all fail, we just need the people around us to give us room and time to learn from that failure instead of rope to hang ourselves. Understand the intent behind the action and you will begin to understand that all mistakes, no matter how appalling…. are not all appalling!

What was the biggest mistake you made? How did you learn and become better as a result of it?



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