A few months back I sought to create an Ebook. I worked with a few good people to put it together (see below). With over 1,000+ downloads later (yeah it’s completely bonkers), it looks like it was a pretty good idea. While I don’t put weight on the number of downloads, I do put weight around the fact that many people would find it useful. This means you have been referring it to others, sending people to this site and having everyone look at that little link over to the right >>>>>!! icon wink What We Teach | How We Learn   Still going strong!

Well, it’s still free, available and it is still a good idea! So if you would like to help others find out why… then click here to find out more about it and download:

Image Learning Ebook WhatWeTeachHowWeLearn 300x167 What We Teach | How We Learn   Still going strong!


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Thanks Again

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