All of us have had to face a problem that has forced us to look at a situation, the problem and the process in a different way. This change of perspective is important. The chaos also allows you to focus more on solving the true issue rather than knowing you have plenty of time to put it off until you put it off again.

This scene in Apollo 13 expresses the core of problem solving. The C02 leak caused the whole team from the mission commander to the front line engineers to  focus on the real issue. It is the unfamiliar and unwanted that, at times, becomes the needed chaos to force you through innovation.

The Apollo 13 “problem” was one of the single greatest problems the NASA space program ever had. This event allowed for a new way of thinking about how they planned, build and dealt with disaster situations and preventing them from the potential of them happening again.

When is the last time you accepted and wrestled with chaos and allowed that chaos to change what needed to be changed?

How did your greatest disaster allow you to become great?




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