cf64ce608b0d7c0e08e45f334aa0f4b4f5 Work: Does your week Fly by or Drag onI was entering the elevator and heading to my floor at the start of the day. A few other women were on it with me. The elevator was silent for a quick second and one of the women took a deep sigh, looked at the other and said…

“Is it Friday Yet?” with a short pause she then continued, “It just seems like this week is dragging so slowly…”

As they stepped off for their floor it got me thinking. I really don’t remember the last time my week dragged-on? If anything it fly’s by!

I think this thought process is in part due to the type of work that people do to make them feel that the week either is slow move or to fast.

It may be in the difference between an exempt and non-exempt employee.

Sadly I find myself wanting the week to slow down. Why you ask?

  1. The faster the week goes, the faster the weekend will seem?
  2. If the week flies by and I am already backed up withe work, then the next week will just include another pile that will increase the load, and
  3. I just don’t want time to pass by so quickly, whether it be work or personal life.

What about you? Does the week fly by or drag on… and why?



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