Not work but friends and family…

Not Religion but Faith

Not Heartache but Joy

Not stress but a time to refresh

Not adult frustration, worry and disappointment but a Child’s hope, openness and ecstatic excitement!


In all the hustle and bustle… this time is a time to stop, take stock and appreciate the year, the people in your life and to shut up about your problems.

If you are blessed enough to have some discretionary incomes, to have a family…

If you have anything that 80% of the world may be lacking… it is a time to quiet and appreciate. To share what little or huge amount you have in things, spirit and love…

…with others.

What Christmas Means to Me…

If you have children… then that is all it has to mean.


But if you have hope, a heart, and a need to be selfless… then Christmas means giving more then just a physical gift, but giving the gift of yourself in any small or big way you can.

Be blessed, be good, be you, and just love one another.

We have an opportunity to contribute to others  lives, work, play and hardship.

Life is too short to be an asshole. It’s too long not to be good to each other.

Merry Christmas & happy holidays



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