“I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.”
Mother Teresa of Calcutta

leapoffaith Why you should   forget everything you know?Who we are? We are people. We are individuals. We are groups. We are cliquish, reckloose and outcasts that build upon experiences and get stuck on those experiences!

We build walls? We are great at building walls. Walls around our abilities. Walls surrounding our own expectations. Walls separating ourselves from our businesses/organizations, superiors, subordinates,  and co-workers… Building walls from the people we are close to: our friends, families, loved ones and children. We even build walls to tell ourselves “It’s so high, there’s no point in even trying!”

We want to be individuals, but we judge our own individuality based on the example of others. We as individuals, want to be individuals. However, before we trust our own ability to be an individual… many of us, too often, look to others for examples. The examples of lives that we follow and use as a foundation are so often celebrated, broken, challenged, worthless, extraordinary, etc, etc.

Forget the examples! Forget what you know! We need to have a base…. We need to have a foundation…. A base and foundation of knowledge in order to get us where we need to be. However, while the past is a great indicator of success and failure… who says that those FACTS have to be your FACTS. Sometimes those facts keep you from doing something great. You should face those facts, but approach them with your own questions. Your own answers and your own approach. those facts keep you from doing something great.

You have a choice to treat someone the way you should or the way they deserve. When you face a challenge, there are those that want you to use their answer verses your own. Maybe, for a moment, you should forget everything you know, everything you learned, and everything people tell you is right or wrong…

…and trust yourself. Trust YOU. Trust what you know.

“Trust that little voice in your head that says “Wouldn’t it be interesting if..”; And then do it.”
Duane Michals

What about you? Do you trust yourself enough to let go and believe in your own abilities and knowledge?




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