A sense of EGO

I think it is very easy to let ego get ahead of humility.

To allow our knowledge, expertise and know how get in the way of explaining concepts, ideas and information more simply.

Too many of us feel as if we need to show off our understanding with “big words” and “long sentences” in order to prove that we are

proficient, knowledgeable and practiced with a skill, trade and/or ability.


Words like: Capability, Auxiliary Results, cross-functional teams, workplace dynamics, talent acquisition, functional teams,

process transformation, deployment program management, blah blah blah

All these words have there place. But often we place them where they should not be like… everyday conversations.

We are all subject to this “mess” of a practice. Even I am constantly working on using smaller words to explain and transfer “large concepts and ideas”

Let’s start making it simple

The next time you find yourself doing this… using your guru mind, expert words, and “pro” perspective to answer client questions, employee inquiries, or a company’s request… remember

sometimes the “BIG” words you use, do nothing but make you look “small”

I know I have a problem with doing this, what about you? Do you? Are there any examples you would like to leave a comment about of when others do this to you when a simple-to-the-point answer would suffice?

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