I have been seeing a lot of people complaining. Online, offline, behind the scenes, in the trenches and out. The events in Egypt and Tunisia, Lybia, and even in Wisconsin has sparked praise and protest.

While one of our fundamental human rights here in the states is freedom of speech, it does not mean that we should take that speech for granted.

When you are ingrained in a movement, a subject or a piece of politics, I think it should be a responsibility that whatever opinion you have - no matter how agreeable or disagreeable - it should be based on some level of understanding of the issue you are opinionating (I know it’s not a word) about.

There comes a time when you have to get from behind the camera of ignorance and begin to get in the front-line of an issue. If you don’t then all you have is an opinion. If all you have is an opinion with no fact or reference… well then your just an A^*hole…

So… let me ask… are you?



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