This is my 100th post

No confetti, just a quick stick figure drawing that conveys one thing… we need to make better use of technology. We are surrounded by it. At work we use it to contact and even stay away from the boss a co-worker or feared enemy.

The Job of Technology

This got me thinking about how technology is a great benefit to engage our colleagues in the workplace and make communication a little faster. On the other hand, parallel to those benefits - in the left fast lane of life – are the great negatives that also cloud our perception of people through the lens of that technology.

The job of technology is to make things easier right? These tools of innovation, aren’t they meant to help us build a better and potentially easier life? Yet why so often do we allow it to get in the way? We write emails to C.Y.A. We hide behind the screen so no one will bother us. Often the technology becomes a hurdle rather than serve the purpose of what it was made for.

Online to Offline

If you have used technology in the past year and with it you have made connections with individuals, be sure to ‘connect’. Not just through an IP address, an email, webinar, through twitter or facebook; be sure to do it offline as well. That extra step could change the way you think about “making a connection.” The connections you build offline can become more meaningful and powerful.

Wait hold up, I have a call coming in… ahh nope… not today, I’m too busy writing this to talk!

So how have you connected with REAL people? Do you use technology to leverage your connections or do you allow that technology to get in the way?



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